bess group

An owner-managed family business since 1988, we are now a dynamic and growing group of companies, headed by our holding company bess AG (Berlin, Germany).

It is our vision to provide life sciences products of high value yet cost-effective, enabling us to become market leaders in as many of our medical fields as possible.



We develop, manufacture and offer life sciences products which are highly therapeutic and beneficial to each and every patient. The quality, safety and efficacy of our products shall be at such a level that we would have no objections having our products used at ourselves or at the people we love most.


We utilize synergy within bess group to develop, manufacture and market specialty products that meet the exacting needs of physicians worldwide specializing in ear, nose, throat, respiratory, pulmonary and gastroenterological disorders.


Our stringent manufacturing and quality assurance standards help ensure that our products are the highest in quality and reliability, available when our customers need them, wherever they may be. Our strict regulatory policy safeguards full alignment with worldwide regulations.


Simplicity, ease of use by physicians, and patient comfort have been the hallmarks of our innovations. To this end, our research and development engineers are in constant discussion with physicians, patients, industry, and other specialists, striving to improve our existing products and to deliver a steady stream of product innovations.


Humanity – Responsibility - Reliability

  • "Treat others the same way you would expect them to treat you".
    Every member of bess group shall always treat colleagues, partners, customers and patients with respect, regardless of hierarchy or difference in opinion.
  • Every member of bess group shall always respect the laws and act responsibly towards our customers, our employees, the community we live in, and the rest of the world on a daily basis.
  • Every member of bess group shall always act as honorable businesspersons with no exceptions and we will try to preserve a financially viable company through continuous improvement.